at times, Sleeper(s) included, but you can't expect different results electing the same standard that refuses to acknowledge this fact..and haven't they had their chance to "lead", that has more than welcomed #our^ destruction? 

There is plenty of ugly language through out the course of Sleeper's efforts, some intentional because quite frankly at times that's #WHATitTAKES^, and in other instances it's just emotion, #WE^ have them, just as others do, but it is never without #INTENTFORCHANGE^

Some would like to define it as "hate speech" to hold double standards of law and expectation, while accepting the status quo. This is where #WEDIFFER^. #SleeperForMayor stands behind #PURPOSE^ and #ENforceSchange^  #WhereitCounts^

It will take an attention  span exceeding 30 seconds, as any study of FACTS and education does, but it's worth it. and also necessary because #EDUCATIONMATTERS #TOSAVELIVES^



With regards to #REFORM^, it applies to most industries, but we'll start with the brewery, because that's a quick way to profit #OurNation^.  We've got some compliance issues to address, and are giving away billions to foreign interest just by what we drink, while allowing them to operate under standards that put our citizens lives at risk. Sleeper understands both law and 3 tier compliance. Sure they employ some Americans, but what about the rest of the profit? If you've seen #TheSecondTape this is no small matter. And while many think they've made some impact by switching to Modelo, they fail to realize it's owned by the SAME company that owns 630 beer brands Taxation without representation?? #SleeperForMayor thinks not. 

#DrinkDiffeent #ForChange^ #EDUCATIONMATTERS^  #DONTFORGETTHETEQUILA , #JimBeam (#IrishisWelcome : ) , #Sake and of course the #GrapesForCommunion^, AND #SleepersReefer because it takes working together to #GetShitDone^  #JuanMichaelsLikesRum :P (specifically dragon berry...and lemon drops....and blow job shots ((with extra whipped cream....and chocolate sauce....and rainbow sprinkles : ) Joe says to read the rider and not forget the wet p#%^ies :), Elon says #WeNeedMoreBabies, so it's a #WinWin. #JoesTreat for  #JuanMichaelsTParty #StayTuned #TaylorsComingToo :) #JackStackForRehearsalDinner

#StillDecidingOnVegasOrBuckingham #TheVatican? #hmmmm :) Why should #JuanMichaels have to pick just one?  Mr. Mykles is of course always welcome at #TheBigWhiteHouse #WhenNecessary 

FOUNDATION MATTERS, and humor can help, but you still need to be willing to get real when it's #NECESSARY^. If each of us is honest there is no question to all of our faults of words at times, #ACTIONS^ are what matters. We can no longer hold words criminal while ignoring the physical actions that cause them. #SleeperForMayor recognizes differences while pursuing the RESOLVE STANDARD of Matthew 18: 15-17 in all operations before welcoming ANY LAW TO MANAGE or attempt to alter the most basic respects and freedoms of #CONSTITUTION^. The law is still necessary as is our police force, it's not to be compromisED. It is HOWEVER to be held accountable, and EVEN CHALLENGED when necessary, as is sworn TO by all of those serving the United States #fromseatoshiningsea^ #ForYOURKIDS^

SLEEPER SUPPORTS THe RIGHT TO MARRY WHOM YOU PLEASE, as well as THE BIG "choICE", though the hope will always be that #EDUCATIOnMATTERS^ TO ALL, for pains to be less bared than need be. FURTHER, THere can be no ACCEPTANCE to deny any person the right to vote on issues facing the present citizen, and any denial of such right is denial of the most fundamental constitution before "law" attempted to alter it. Sleeper BELIEVES in THE #RIGHTTOHOUSING, AND THE RIGHT TO WORK; SHOULD ONE BE DENIED IT WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARTY DENYING IT TO PROVIDE IT, FOR THEIR WAGES GARNISHED FOR EVERY PREVENTABLE EXPLOITATION. #NEVERAGAIN DOES NOT RELINQUISH OUR RIGHT TO BARE ARMS. THEY ARE NECESSARY TO #DEFENDFREEDOM, but #EDUCATIONISKEY, and #WILLALWAYSBE^


Houston, we have a problem, and it's going to take more than thoughts and prayers to fix it. Gina Carano isn't the only one with Lucas Film issues at present, nor with the United States Park Police for that matter, but #SleeperFORMAYOR knows how to tackle, and David wasn't the only one who took on a Goliath  ALTHOUGH IT'S A LOT OF REPEAT #EVERYMOMENTCOUNTS^; it will take an attention  span exceeding 30 seconds, as any study of FACTS and education does, but it's worth it. and also necessary because #EDUCATIONMATTERS #TOSAVELIVES^ #STAYTUNED^


Bullies come in many forms, especially when you're dealing with corporations backed by billions. It's important to know how to manage them, along with having the education to protect yourself, and checking them when necessary. #SleeperforMayor sets the standard for #HumanResourcesTransformation providing a fair and just work place, #ForAll^


We've seen the recent collapse of just a few institutions, and #SleeperForMayor may or may not have played a small hand in such matters (First Republic, PNC, SVB); he minimally brought some lacking compliance to light regarding illegal banking practices and #ENFORCED^ compliance where it failed #ToSaveLives^ despite taking the hit as it sometimes requires when improper education has been indoctrinated by those refusing #CONSTITUTION^. #MissingTapes come along when necessary, but #SleeperForMayor commits to always #MovingForwardTogether^ while understanding compromise is also key. 

The first step to heal by any psychological standard is awareness, but it is not only to be applied to mental health when our systems are enacting practices putting the general public's safety at risk. Although it's a lot of repeat, #EveryMomentCounts^ & #EducationMatters^



Change can only take place if reality can be seen. In  December of 2019 Sleeper was hired by attorneys for #TrueReform^ to take place. #StayTuned (publication in process) 

What I learned about the criminal justice system...

Mental Health Care in the Department of Corrections...

Someone that could've helped...

Retrospective look at decision by judge that was helpful...

the #CHANGE^ coming to San Francisco #CHALLENGETHEORDINARY



(we Hope you like HaSHTAGS) 

(AND #REALITY^)-it matters when you're defending #FREEDOM


#SleeperAlwaysDoes :)

#StayTuned #ForYourKids #NotOnLYForTheWages


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