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Empowering Consciousness^ with complete overhaul of Human Resources, Judicial, Mental Health,  and Banking Reform. 

Together let's create a safer future; not only for San Francisco,  but for



You've got to be willing to get #REAL^ if you want to get the job done, and it might take getting a little dirty too. Creativity can also be key with leadership, if present practices are not working. 

Born in Orlando, Florida, Sleeper has a long history of impact and transformation through #Media and Politics^ sharing birthdays with Baby Shamu, the first "killer" whale born in captivity. 

Additionally growing up two doors down from the Baum's (Authors to the Wizard of Oz ) as a Diemer Eagle you learn a thing or two about #Freedom^ and what it takes to defend it. 


Sleeper takes #ACTION^ and COMMITS! For a start, if elected he will dedicate his ENTIRE first year's salary outside of present expenses to initiatives to #EndHomelessness in San Francisco AND #BEYOND^. Should the general public be displeased with the #CHANGE^ Mr. Sleeper brings, after 1 year of service he will willfully resign; but either way we hope you might  change your choices of beverage for the #Truth we have to tell, if we may borrow a few minutes of your time to review some #MissingTapes #ForYourKids. #ItsImportant^

We look forward to you joining our efforts for #CHANGE^ to #ChallengeTheOrdinary^ in San Francisco and beyond. #ItStartsHere.

P.S. We still need $7,000 OR 14,000 signatures to #REMAIN^ on the ballot :) #GIVENOW

Human Resources Transformation

Leading the charge in reforming HR practices to foster a fair, safe, and equitable work environment for all.

Judicial Reform

Transforming #COMMUNITY^ in real #TIME^ by enacting policy for a justice system that upholds Constitution, equality, and the rights of everyone while enforcing accountability where it's lacking. 

Mental Health

Promoting mental health education and resources to ensure the well-being of all citizens while enforcing compliance in monitored drug administration by psychiatric professionals providing the public's care no matter the setting.

Security goes beyond Big Brother on CBS, It's the #Foundation^ of freedom, and a great social media network X once said "#InspirationMatters^. It will forever be important the correct one be taught, but #HousingMattersFirst, because that's the foundation of security on this earth. If we commit to changing what we're drinking #WeChangeTheWholeGame^. 

For now, we're doing an 80/20 split of profits from #JuanMichaelsWalkToFreedom  (#StayTuned) for BOTH Housing and Education. You take care of one and it keeps the other going. It's truly not rocket science, but it does take regular #ACTION^ and #Pursuit^ to #RemainInformed^ as another once said #AllThingsArePossible^. Sleeper(s) will gladly take the walk even if not elected, because #PURPOSE will forever triumph the need for any position of power. 


Our present systems perpetuate it. Sleeper has lost family members to it, and seen the devastating impact first hand that can leave no room to question intent of systems profiting off of its continuum. The solution is NOT methadone, or suboxone, but KRATOM that will end the hypnotic exploitation of alternatives continued by pharmaceutical companies trafficking pain for profit. 


The difference? Methadone and soboxone regularly require higher dosages that does not relinquish dependency. Kratom starts at a high dosage and is reduced while people remain conscious and able to contribute to society beyond bed ridden drug dependency. #Education and #ACTION^ 

"Sleeper knows how!"


Dr. Paul Elizondo III

"As a forensic psychiatrist, I recognize Shane’s mission as a paramount intervention to end the abuse that our current system perpetuates onto an already vulnerable population.

It is long overdue for our nation’s responsibility to value each other’s well being over material wealth. An essential way to do this is to understand and respond to the plight of those less fortunate, who’ve been exploited or abused already, and those who our system continues to oppress.

This is where Shane’s mission comes in."

The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres

# :) ^

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